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Did you know the reason toucans were never hunted is because when the bird dies their bills lose the color and become grey? #Toucans can be seen in many areas of #Panama


The Soberania National Park and its lush rainforest where the wildlife is hidden

For the Botanical fans, the Soberania National Park will show you his best specimens

Embera woman, dressed in traditional print skirt and beads with jagua tattoo on her upper body, extracting the juice of a jagua nut used to apply tattoos, Embera Drua Village, Chagres River, Soberania National Park, Panama, Central America

The Soberania National Park can hide amazing little exotic animals, so take the time to watch all around you in this place

21c Museum Hotel, Louisville, KY

World's Most Unusual Hotels: Photo: Courtesy of Canopy Tower Canopy Tower, Panama: What It Is: A onetime U.S. radar installation inside Panama’s Soberania National Park with 12 double rooms. But the real reason to stay is what’s up above: a 30-foot-high geotangent dome that rises above the canopy, affording birders 360-degree views.

1 | Frosted Flasher | Astraptes alardus - Soberania National Park

Young Embera Indian, Soberania Forest National Park, Panama, Central America

Palm Tanager is one of the more common and less spectacular members of the family, usually appearing beige-brown and frequenting semi-urban and other disturbed habitats. But from the deck of the Canopy Tower in the first light of day, the bird's subtle colours appear. This particular individual and its mate would appear every morning at the deck, having learned to forage on the crumbs left behind by lodge guests enjoying their breakfast cake and dawn coffee while overlooking the…