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So glad to see this! I have said all along that i forgive ME not him or his behaviors. Many have said I should forgive HIM to heal but I have never felt that way...Survived a Sociopath

My how better things are this year at this time than last year when I began to see the truth behind the mask!

I'm not there yet & I know I need to be. Even the necessary limited interactions trigger my rage as there is most always a lie, silence, lack of compromise, manipulation.. & I clearly see it now. It's like salt in a fresh 3rd degree burn. I constantly remind myself if the facts despite the illusion of what he projects. I live my children but I sure wish anyone had warned me. I had no idea what this was despite years of clinical training!


Letting go is the hardest part of life, I think…


The thing is .....I can't have you in my life. Not until that American is out...your initials a m e can be made into American..don't kid yourself my a


yes. Exactly. I was either choose you. Or my joy and happiness. Happiness of being in college. Finding me. I'm sorry I just happiness but I did.