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von Colourful Keys

Level 1 Music Theory Game: Bananas & Ladders

Bananas and ladders music theory board game for level 1 piano students.

von Teachers Pay Teachers

Music Truth or Dare Cards

Music Truth or Dare Playing Cards. Organized Chaos. These are perfect for reviewing and practicing music skills and concepts in a fun way! Would work as a full class or center activity. Comes with a variety of concepts and skills to cover different grade levels, plus blank versions you can write or type on to make your own.


Free rhythm bingo game from Teaching Children Music

von Colourful Keys

Off-the-bench Catalogue - Music Theory Games & Activities by Level

Music theory games and activities round-up by level

Rhythm Game: "Busted!" Pull a stick from the jar, clap its rhythm. Pull another stick, clap both rhythms. Continue cumulatively. If you pull the "busted" stick, you have to put all yours back. Kid with most at the end wins.


Sleigh Ride Bell Passing Game for Elementary Music Classes - YouTube


Musical Truth or Dare Flashcards - naming/playing keys, notes, sharps/flats, etc. - cards available for 3 levels

von Colourful Keys

Group Lesson Activities: Grand Staff Twister & Grand Staff Beanbag Toss

Floor staff twister for music students

von Organized Chaos

Truth or Dare Music Jenga

Truth or Dare Music Jenga: Organized Chaos. Fun center activity for elementary music (or for older kids too!). Easy to put together with just a few supplies. Use the pre-made cards or make your own to fit any skill or concept students are working on in class. Lots of applications!