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Marble images of Goddess Saraswathi in the Vimala Vasahi temple of Dilwara, at Mount Abu


Arbuda Devi is the incarnation of Katyayani Devi, the 6th Goddess out of the nine Goddesses. A snake named "Arbud" brought Nandivardhan on its back to this mountain, and he was booned by Muni Vashishtas that 33 crores of gods and goddess will reside upon you, and thats why it was established here. It is also said that Muni Vashishta worshipped Lord Shiva and in view of the Kashivishvanath. The historians believe that Parmar rulers were originated at Mount Abu from "Agnikund".

Bedouin life in Trans-Jordan. Sheik Abu Meddin. Known as an intrepid warrior, mounted on an Arab steed, 1920 to 1933,


"Gushtasp Slays the Dragon of Mount Saqila", Folio from a Shahnama (Book of Kings) of Firdausi

Folio From The Shahnama Of Shah Tahmasp: Gushtasp Slays A Dragon On Mount Saqila | Iran, Safavid period, circa 1530-35 CE | Watercolour, gold and ink on paper; page 47 x 31.8 cm


Bedouin life in Trans-Jordan. Sheik Abu Meddin. Known as an intrepid warrior…

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The Black Princes Ruby, which now forms part of the crown jewels, was presented to Edward, the Black Prince by Pedro the Cruel of Castile, in reward for Edwards putting down the revolt of Pedros illegitimate brother, Henry of Trastamara. The ruby has a long and fascinating history, possibly originating from the historic ruby mines in Badakshan in present day Tajikistan, in middle of the fourteenth century it was in the possession of Abu Said, the Moorish Prince of Granada.

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