Der Mothman ist eine menschengroße Gestalt mit riesigen Flügeln und leuchtend roten Augen. Die Kreatur soll oft an Orten gesehen worden sein, an denen kurz darauf ein Unglück passierte. Die gesamte Monster-Map gibt es hier:

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01/25/2015 - United Monsters Of America: Infographic Reveals The Strange Beasts That Have Captured The Nation’s Imagination. From the Jersey Devil to the Mothman, the US is filled with fictional creatures that have come to life in the nation ’s imagination. Now one artist has ruled to draw these cryptids by hand, revealing the beasts that are feared the most in each state.Source: The Daily Mail

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Mothman Aesthetic

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Mothman the bridge creeper, Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia from 15 November 1966 to 15 December 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated 16 November 1966, titled "Couples See Man-Sized Bird...Creature...Something".


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wankadoodles: “ mothman to go with the Flatwoods Monster i did !!! considerin makin an entire series of cryptids like this ! ”

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Cryptozoological wonders: Stop in at One Mile Gallery in Kingston, New York to catch an unusual art show every Saturday in September. The Monsters in America art show was inspired by the Monsters in America map by Hog Island Press and curated by artist Richard Saja. It features interpretations of Bigfoot, Mothman, lake monsters and other cryptozoological creatures in a variety of mediums by 58 different artists.

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The Mothman

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