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Free Printable Monster Spray Label

Is your family experiencing a monster infestation? If your child is convinced that his room is full of monsters just waiting for the lights to go out each night, then help him get rid of those pesky monsters by spraying a couple squirts of this homemade monster spray (a.k.a. water and lavender essential oil) in the areas where the monster may be hiding. Voila! The room is monster free. Grab this free printable monster spray label for your child’s monster spray.


Monster Spray to ward off bedtime monsters - tried and successfully tested by many parents whose children have night time fears. - Happy Hooligans


Magic spray for kids: make your own magic spray to eliminate tears over tangled hair


Viele #Kinder haben #Angst in #Dunkelheit: Hier die Lösung! Anti Monster Spray - zum Basteln!


I love this little label for monster spray. :) Great poem to add as an addition: Every night when I'm asleep Into my room the monsters creep. I call to Mom, "Please come and stay, And don't forget the monster spray!" She comes right in and sprays right here Then all the monsters disappear!


Monster spray recipe

Monster Spray - If kids are scared of monsters when it's time for bed, make Monster Spray. Just spray it in all the places monsters might hide (in the closet, under the bed, etc.) to make it safe.


DIY Monster "Go Away" Spray (Printables Included

Monster Go Away Spray FREE PRINTABLE!


Anti-Monster Spray

Anti-Monster Spray by FabulousFarmGirl. (a.k.a Sleepy-Time Room & Linen Spray if you're over the age of 5:)

Monster and Ghost Spray Away

Parents, how great is this! FREE PRINTABLE. Kids won't be afraid of the dark anymore with this magical Monster and Ghost Spray Away. Print label and stick to a water spray bottle. All the monsters and ghost will magically disappear!