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Classroom Management for Middle School

Classroom Management for Middle School: Tips for New and Veteran Teachers


Read about three great rules to have in a middle school classroom and how to effectively enforce those rules


The Simplest Classroom Management System Ever! I just wonder if this would work for middle school. I like how it's very basic and doesn't require constant rewards. Even so, I would want to be able to recognize single students...

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Using Positive Reinforcement as a Classroom Management Tool at the Secondary Level

Stop negative behavior in your classroom before it starts by reinforcing your expectations and recognizing positive student behaviors. With two simple tools, I successfully managed student behavior at the secondary level. A ticket system and "shout outs" are little to no cost, require little work for you as the teacher, and will encourage on task, positive behavior from your middle school and high school students.

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The Secondary Classroom Procedure You Can't Live Without

Classroom management is critical for creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. Students of all ages - even middle school and high school - thrive on structure. Read this post to read about the foundation for my classroom culture and the #1 tool I use for formative assessment!


10 Ways to Sabotage Your Classroom Managment: If you are having classroom management problems, take a look at this article, which explains what NOT to do, and the more effective practices you should try instead.


Behavior Management- OMG if only I had found this last semester when I had to make a board game!

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How to Calm a Disruptive Class: The Quick & Easy Method that Saved My Sanity

How to Control a Disruptive Class: The Quick & Easy Method that Saved My Sanity | Teach 4 the Heart

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Four-Tier Behavior Management Plan (Grades 6, 7, 8, 9)

This Behavior Management Plan, specifically tailored to Middle School and High School, includes dozens of behavior interventions, classified into four tiers to help you scaffold interventions as behaviors escalate or de-escalate. Decrease off-task behaviors and increase learning with these best practices! Works beautifully as a school-wide plan to facilitate consistency and common language amongst all staff and faculty! Now available with a site-wide license!

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5 Quick Tips for Secondary Classroom Management That Actually (I Promise You!) Work

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