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Treasure of womens silver jewelery, 10-11 centuries. Kievian Rus’, Viking.

Stone molds from the late Romanesque-Early Gothic Magdeburg. Archaeometric and experimental archaeological investigations of the medieval pewter casting at selected found objects | Daniel Berger -

Herstellungstechnik hoch- und spätmittelalterlicher Kleinobjekte aus Zinn (Production processes of small pewter objects in the High and Late Middle Ages) | Daniel Berger -


Mittelalterlicher Herrscher- und Priesterornat.Konrad II. wird von dem Erzbischof von Mainz gekrönt. Buchmalerei. 1024-1039. Schaffenhausen, Ministerialbibliothek

Jewellery, Hungarian, 12-13c @ Hungarian National Museum


GOLD RING, Shoulders decorated with stylized zoomorphic head leading to a raised blue glass set, Date: C. 12th-13th century .


Mittelalterlicher Ring Talua mit Pentagramm Silber - Ringe mit Steinen - Windalf


16th century Pewter Figure-Top Spoon, soapstone mold making process, at