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Live sand dollars...this article tells a lot about them from a native in the FL coastal area. The live animals look furry and are brown, dark tan, or purple. They often are found in groups positioned vertically like in this picture! They sometimes swallow sand to add weight and keep themselves from being washed away.


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Schoolin' Life ✨ A few makeup details from my SELF TANNING VIDEO! Living for this @SigmaBeauty "Line Ace" liquid liner is my ride or die Drowning of course in @AnastasiaBeverlyHills "So Hollywood" Illuminator ✨ Fluttering my lashes like the Queen I am in @DemureLashes "Adore" & "Dangerous" mink lashes stacked (code "dylsx15" to save you dollar baby) My new fave nude lip @DoseOfColors "Coy" lipstick & "Undressed" gloss!


Una nueva forma de acabar relaciones es usar Facebook pero el...

Andy Dunn wearing Light Blue Blazer, Blue V-neck Sweater, White Long Sleeve Shirt, Red Chinos

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¿Tu forma de caminar puede decir mucho de ti? La respuesta te sorprenderá

Si la ciencia lo dice…Nuestro cuerpo dice más de lo que creemos. Y si pensábamos que tan solo era el rostro o nuestros gestos los que revelaban información, estamos equivocados. También nuestra forma de caminar dice mucho de nosotros.Dice si estás mintiendo o noAhá, la próxima vez que dudes si alguien te está

18 accesorios de minions tan impresionante que querrás gritar ¡bananaaaaaa!


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The Monuments of Mars [Maurs/Maures/Mu/Muurs/Moors]: A City on the Edge of Forever (5th Edition) ~ by Richard C. Hoagland (Author) | For many years Richard Hoagland alone hypothesized [knew] that sentient beings [Martians/Moortians] spent time on Mars millions of years ago [creating and] assembling behemoth structures whose ruins are still seen today [Earth's Ancient structures]. | Here Hoagland redefines the solar system [Melanated YOUniverse] as a different place than NASA has presented…


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