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Una nueva forma de acabar relaciones es usar Facebook pero el...

Shop this look for $197: — White Longsleeve Shirt — Red Chinos — Walnut Leather Brogues — Multi colored Horizontal Striped Socks — Blue V-neck Sweater — Light Blue Blazer

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18 accesorios de minions tan impresionante que querrás gritar ¡bananaaaaaa!

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The Monuments of Mars [Maurs/Maures/Mu/Muurs/Moors]: A City on the Edge of Forever (5th Edition) ~ by Richard C. Hoagland (Author) | For many years Richard Hoagland alone hypothesized [knew] that sentient beings [Martians/Moortians] spent time on Mars millions of years ago [creating and] assembling behemoth structures whose ruins are still seen today [Earth's Ancient structures]. | Here Hoagland redefines the solar system [Melanated YOUniverse] as a different place than NASA has presented…

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These Simple Charts Show Why Instagram Is Clearly Worth At Least $1 Billion

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