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French to praise Brit troops at First Battle of the Marne anniversary

Trench warfare on the Marne German gun position, Marne, France during World War I

Totenkopf Division

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Finnish soldiers engage in a street battle with Soviet forces during the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War over contested territory in Karelia. Medvezhyegorsk (Finnish: Karhumäki), Medvezhyegorsky District, Republic of Karelia, Soviet Union. December 1941.

The History Place - World War I Timeline - 1916 - French Await Zero Hour

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An African Askari Soldier serving the German Army preparing to engage during the outbreak of WW1, 1914

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Garapan, Saipan, Mariana Islands. 3rd of July 1944. “Marine infantrymen move fast to take up new positions in Garapan, principal city of Saipan. Japanese buildings and installations were set afire by supporting artillery barrages and the ‘Leathernecks’ (Marines) entered the town to engage the enemy in street fighting for the first time in the Pacific theatre.” Garapan, on the west coast of Saipan, was captured by the 2nd Marine Division.

foto's eerste wereldoorlog

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Charity opens war horse archive

A vet treats the leg of an army horse during World War I

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World War One realities pictured: 30 emotive images

A British sentry cuts a lonely picture as he stands at his post at sunrise in France, March 1915

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trench warfare ww1 and location - Google Search Trench Warfare happening at The Battle of Aisne showing soldiers pointing their rifles into no mans zone maybe waiting for then enemy to push them.

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