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Homemade Serenity: Science with Kids: Microwave Ivory Soap

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How To Do the Ivory Soap in a Microwave Science Project

Microwaving Ivory soap is a fun project that won't hurt your microwave, but it will make your whole house smell soapy clean. Step 1. Place on a microwave safe plate in the center of the oven. Step 2. Cook the bar of soap on HIGH for 2 minutes. Don't take your eyes off the bar of soap as it begins to expand and erupt into beautiful puffy clouds. Be careful not to overcook your soap souffle.

Ivory Soap in the microwave makes a "cloud" of soap!

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Painted Soap Clouds

Pretty puffy homemade soap clouds to feel & squish-DID IT-what can I say but TOTALLY AWESOME!!! especially watching it grow in the microwave-B used food coloring to "paint" it, but I think she would have been happy just watching it grow al day-we cut our bar in half, and it was still very impressive!

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Summer Fun: Microwaved Ivory Soap

What happens when you microwave Ivory soap? SCIENCE happens!

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29 Boredom Busters Your Kids Will Actually Love

Microwave ivory soap

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Ivory Soap Experiment

Ivory Soap Experiment - this is really cool, especially fun for kids to try - click over and watch the video to see what happens when they put a bar of ivory soap in the microwave!


Microwave Ivory Soap

Ivory soap for 2 mins in the microwave...then a neat soap paint recipe!

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Summer Fun: Microwaved Ivory Soap

microwave Ivory Soap.