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Known as the best living male ballet dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov is a famous Russian dancer. He also has had roles in film, as he starred in the last season of Sex and the City.

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Baryshnikov to Dance in New Mark Morris Work: NYC debut in April


In the mid 80's my sister and I had a subscription to The American Ballet Theater. On the single night she couldn't make the performance, a lead male dancer in the company fell ill, so his part was danced by an understudy... Mikhail Baryshnikov! It was my first and only time watching him dance in person. I was in total awe!!!! As for my sister, well... you can only imagine :-( #Ballet #Dance #Baryshnikov


Epic. Mikhail Baryshnikov "I think it should interest a whole new generation of dancers to give justice to why ballet’s beautiful, why it’s complex, why it’s pure, why it works" -MB