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this is the most hilarious, and accurate, description of season 1 that i've read so far

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Merlin More

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You didn't stay up all night watching Merlin did you? <--- Maybe... haha, ya I did! And I'm proud of it.

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Maybe it's the secret to Leon's immortality. >> maybe t's the secret to Gwaine's perfect hair

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Merlin: "Arthur won't even notice I'm gone" Arthur: *spends entire episode wondering where he is and demanding him at his side*<<<thats because he's incapable of functioning without merlin

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Angel Reyes-Gaspar on

I was thinking of this quote the other day, and what characters of Merlin would best suit each part. But I just kept coming back to Merlin for each one.

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I love how Arthur can't even contemplate an existence without Merlin. He says he'd take Merlin with him in his perfect world so obviously, as if it wasn't even something he needed to consider. Like of course Merlin is coming, Gwen or the knights may not be there, but Merlin sure as hell will be.

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Every single episode! Why do all of the episodes surprise me than? (Even though I've seen all them twice I still get tensed):)

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