Martin Luther Reformation Activities

Statue of Martin Luther's wife, Katharina (von Bora) Luther, outside the Luther House.

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Takhte Jamshid, Jamshid is described as the fourth and greatest king of the epigraphically unattested Pishdadian Dynasty (before Kayanian dynasty). Jamshid is a mythological figure of Greater Iranian culture and tradition. this is exhibited in Louvre museum.

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I Love You From Here To BERLIN art print

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Reformation activities and costume ideas!

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15 Reformation Day activities, videos, and book recommendations. | Triumphant Learning

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Reformation Day Ideas ~ Have your little one "transcribe" the Bible by copying an entire page or just a chapter of the Bible in their own handwriting. Or just have them write one verse.

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Christians believe that the New Covenant was established at the Last Supper. The connection between the blood of Christ and the New Covenant is seen in Matthew 26:28, "for this is my blood of the[d] covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins".

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Fantastic warm up or concluding activity on Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation! have your students read this "Teacher's Theses" about complaints about your school and then have students create their own list of grievances about school and post to relate to Martin Luther!

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Katharina von Bora, Martin Luther’s wife, was a remarkable woman whose life was as unusual and exciting as the great reformer’s. #history

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