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Celebs Love Their Cigars (42 Photos)

Celebs Love Their Cigars (42 Photos) - Suburban Men - January 13, 2015

Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Conspiracy Theory (1997). Again, male-female couple leading roles in a 90s action movie. Gibson and Roberts star.

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Mel Gibson from Mrs Soffel Absolute favourite movie! Just a little violet from across the way, Came to cheer a prisoner in his cell one day. Just a little flower sent be a loving hand, As a kindly meaning that true hearts understand. God has smiled upon it and the sender fair, And soon that little token, wrapped in hand so neat, Rests quietly in the grave, For which a heart that's true does beat.'

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Ich liebe den Film!!!!!!!

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Mel Gibson. We like to claim him as an Aussie! He grew up in Queensland, Australia. Made his first movies here as well. Tim and Mad Max amongst them.

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Michelle Pfeiffer/••••the Baker Bros. w/Beau and Jeff Bridges; Tequila Sunrise w/Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell; Dangerous Minds; w/George Clooney about child care issues; Up Close and Personal w/Robert Redford;

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Mel Gibson by shahin

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Mel Gibson- back in the day NOTHING was better (no comments about more recent history)!

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Mel Gibson Painted by Ebn Misr

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mad max shirt close up - Google Search

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