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Medikamente Gegen Blähungen

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10 Übungen gegen Magen- und Darmbeschwerden

Yogilates bessert Blähungen Auf den Boden legen, die Fußgelenke von innen umfassen. Den Oberkörper nach hinten lehnen, die Füsse anheben. Beim Ausatmen 3-mal die Fußkanten aneinanderklopfen, beim Einatmen langsam nach hinten rollen. Den Kopf nicht ablegen und mit dem Ausatmen wieder aufrollen und 3-mal klopfen. Die Übung 5-mal wiederholen.

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Home Remedies for Flatulence

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Managing Gas (Flatulence) - Chemotherapy medication


Catnip, Catmint is used by all ages to settle the stomach, sooth flatulence, and colic. Catnip also has mild sedative effects and combines nicely with your other favorite sleepy time herbs. Catnip is anti-inflammatory and is effective for digestive related headache, is helpful for gentle pain relief, and cooling a fever.

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Do You Fart a Lot? Here's What Your Flatulence (& Its Smell) Means

Have you ever worried about how much you fart? Here's what the smell and frequency of your flatulence really means.


Rx Visual - Flatulence or Gas pain: Remedy, Treatment, Cure, Medicine


3 Ways to Reduce and Neutralize Flatulence

Have You Heard of Anise? - Anise was used as a solution for healing coughs & bad breath during ancient times. - Now, anise seeds are taken after meals to help digestion. When made into tea, it acts as a digestive to relieve flatulence. - Anise oil obtained from anise seeds is an expectorant as it eliminates congestion & taking care of the respiratory system. - It is an antibacterial & antioxidant agent. It relieves irritations, disinfects and helps with restorative healing of our skin.