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Powerful messages written on maxi pads, all in the name of feminism

Using a rather unique medium, Elonë, a woman from Karlsruhe, Germany, is posting feminist phrases on maxi pads and posting them around the city. When she shared her first project idea on Tumblr, the photo she posted was shared over 100,000 times in just two days. Her messages include issues on violence, inequality, street harassment, and more. Women all over the world have written to Elonë hoping to conduct the same art projects around their own cities.

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Always Maxi Pads Extra Heavy With Flexi-Wings - 22 count

Pads Extra,Schwerst,Maxis,Wings 22,Flexi Wings,22 Count,Maxi Pads

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Bahahahahaha @maddieharty

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Pattern for cloth sanitary pads. I have heard that cloth pads can reduce cramping... I think I need to give this a try.

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Cloth Wipes Update, Homemade Menstrual Pads and a Giveaway!

diy maxi pads with cloth diaper liners

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PATTERN - Download - Crochet your own Cotton Feminine Sanitary Menstrual Maxi Pad Reusable Handmade Fabric Sustainable Washable

HÄKELANLEITUNG - Feminine Sanitär Menstruation Maxi Pad wiederverwendbare Handmade Stoff nachhaltige waschbar Download

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Surf Shack Hawaii | So bauen Künstler und Surfer in nur fünf Wochen eine Traumhütte - Mpora

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Always Maxi Pads Long Super Flexi-Wings 16 Each by Always

Always Maxi Pads Long Super Flexi-Wings 16 Each

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Save a fortune! Sew your own washable feminine hygiene pads. Use old trifold diapers for inside layers, add layer of waterproof under the outer layer from old baby waterproof pads, and use flannel for outside like the expensive ones you order. Finish with a snap on wings or a button/buttonhole.

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