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The Biggest Digital Map of the Cosmos Ever Made

A composite image of the sky visible over Hawaii made over four years from a half-million exposures by the Pan-Starrs1 Observatory. If printed at full resolution, the researchers say, this photograph would be one and a half miles long. Credit Danny Farrow, Pan-Starrs1 Science Consortium and Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics

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Haliotis scalaris (Australia). Living on rocks in surge zones, their rippled surface creates eddies in water flow dynamics that help them to stay in place (clever, right?) We supplied some to the Max Planck Institute for Biomaterial research.

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New Research Shows Female Hippocampus Structure Changes in Sync with Hormones New research from the Max Planck Institute shows that in women, in parallel to the rhythm of the level of estrogen across their menstrual cycle, the structures of the Hippocampus vary — a brain area that is crucial for memories, mood and emotions. Although it has already been known for some time that the brain […] The post New Research Shows Female Hippocampus Structure Changes in Sync with Hormones ap..

The Most Diabolically Evil-Looking Buildings In The World

The Max Planck Research Institute for Experimental Medicine in Berlin, Germany

Dust To Dust: Scientists Find DNA Of Human Ancestors In Cave Floor Dirt

Scientists Find DNA Of Ancient Human Ancestors In Cave Floor Dirt : Shots - Health News : NPR

Seite 2 - Max-Planck-Institut stellt Tierversuche an Affen ein

Natürlich haben wir alle den hübschesten und klügsten Hund auf unserem Sofa zu sitzen, aber jetzt habt ihr auch endlich die Chance, dies annähernd wissenschaftlich zu testen! Vergesst alle bisherigen Intelligenz- und Knobelaufgaben für eure Supertalente! Auf unserer Seite stellen wir euch 5 Aufgaben vor, die u.a. vom Max-Planck-Institut für Menschheitsgeschichte zur Erforschung der hündischen Kognition eingesetzt werden! Und wenn …

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New Study Shows Individual Lifespans Are Becoming More Similar Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research have discovered a novel regularity for vastly different human societies and epochs. On average, as lives get longer, the difference in the age at which people die becomes smaller. By analyzing data from 44 countries, researchers have now proven that life expectancy and the variation of […] The post New Study Shows Individual Lifespans Are Becoming More Si..

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Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung, Modell des ausgeführten Entwurfs, Foto: Matthias Seidel 2009

Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte » Marcus Ebener - Architekturfotografie