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"How Many?" - [Grade: 2] This activity is a great way to help your child develop different ways to solve problems that involve adding and subtracting! Do you remember doing “word problems” when you were in school? Sometimes they seemed like trick questions instead of questions related to math.


"Composite Cookie Company" - Use skip or stress counting to find the total number of items when arranged in groups. Supports learning Common Core Standards: 3.OA.7, 3.OA.1, 3.OA.2, 2.NBT.2 [KNP Task # M 4444.2]


"Go Fish (Combinations of 5)" - [Grade: K] This game is not only fun, but also a great way to help kids learn different ways to make the number 5! That seems pretty simple to us, but it isn't always that easy for kids. Young children need lots of practice with figuring out ways to put numbers together and ways to take numbers apart.


Instructional Principles of Mathematics Intervention in Tier 2 | RTI Action Network


Teaching Number Bonds

To explore combinations for 5, start with 5 counters in the Whole area of the mat. Ask kiddos to move their counters into the two parts. Avoid saying, "Move 2 counters to one part and 3 to the other." Let them explore and come up with their own combinations. Record the combinations as number bonds on an anchor chart. Keep asking the kiddos to 'show you another way' until all combinations have been recorded.


vertical number lines printable | Negative and positive numbers on a vertical number line


Focused Mathematics Intervention: Level 5 Kit | Teacher Created Materials

Response to Intervention RTI Teams: Best Practices in Elementary Mathematics Interventions Jim Wright