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Haliotis scalaris (Australia). Living on rocks in surge zones, their rippled surface creates eddies in water flow dynamics that help them to stay in place (clever, right?) We supplied some to the Max Planck Institute for Biomaterial research.

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Hundred Frame: a virtual math manipulative similar to Twenty Frame. Add counters to the hundred square in ones or tens and the digits change. Use it to work with addition or subtraction. Also available as a 69p iOS app: Hundreds Frame.


Organic and Molecular Electronics (M.Sc.) Technische Universität Dresden Organic electronics is an innovative class of electronics with enormous market potential in four key application areas: displays, photovoltaics, lighting, and integrated smart systems. The field is evolving at a rapid pace, opening many exciting application possibilities and developments. The Master's Program strives to educate young professionals in this innovatory type of electronics ...