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Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Star gazing with the kids can be one of the greatest parts of camping or RVing with the family... click & read up on some tips to make your time outdoors a great one for the kids!


Generosity is something I always try to carry because it's just good karma. Before high school, I went to a catholic school in New York City. They always taught us to be generous and they always had food drives the homeless people all around the city. That made me the kinda generous person I am today.

Collect Moments not Things ❤ Photographs can take you back to certain moments of your life ❤


Pics For > Materialistic People


Um none, because I'm annoying and wierd, and people only think they like me because I am pretty.

Remove materialistic people from your life! I know several materialistic people. It's kind of sad that material things rule their life. My car is faster, my house is bigger, my boat is better. Always trying to out-do the other person. I picture that life like being on a hamster wheel. You can never catch up. Cause unless you're Bill Gates, it's futile.


Yes! When people brag about their stuff I say "wow you'll be the richest man in the cemetery!"