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Mary Ellen Mark's photography is not only eye opening but it brings you to tears. THIS is what I would like to do. Open the eyes of the people that sit in their homes and have never been to another country and really see what poverty is.

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Ladylike Laws: Meeting His Family

This picture of a child hugging an elephant shows how nature is not out to get you, and if you be kind to your surroundings, they will be kind to you.

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In Memoriam: Mary Ellen Mark (1940 - 2015)

Mary Ellen Mark Gypsy Camp in Barcelona, Spain

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Mary Ellen Mark self portrait w Marlon Brando 1979 (on the set Apocalypse now)

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Remembering Robin Williams and Other Fascinating News on the Web

Robin Williams: Photographers Remember a Legendary Actor - Light Box will be missed

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Dustin Hoffman at the resevoir in Central Park between takes for ‘Marathon Man’, New York City, 1975. Photo by Mary Ellen Mark.

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they're rockin some killer hardware.. I just want to know more about them.... photo :Mary Ellen Mark.

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Jennifer, Tiffany, and Carrie,Portsmouth, Ohio, 1989. - Mary Ellen Mark.

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