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In her book Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business, marketing and branding expert Karen Leland provides a Pinterest roadmap that will help you drive website traffic, boost your brand and build business. In this edited excerpt, Karen outlines 9 strategies that will increase the number of people following your boards on Pinterest.


9 Ways to Build Your Pinterest Audience

20 Fragen die Ihr Marketingplan beantworten sollte


Marketingplan Immobilienverkauf Verkaufsstrategie und Tipps was Sie beim Verkauf einer Immobilie beachten sollten

Marketingplan für die Vermietung von Immobilien. Was soll oder muss beachtet werden bei der Vermarktung von Immobilien


6 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Marketing Plan [Infographic]

Schöne Infografik zum #Marketing


Marketing Plan - exactly how many sole traders/microbusinesses would bother to do this? Even if they did, things change so quickly that it may be a waste. Short, action orientated and ever evolving (but occasionally think about this stuff to see what's changed)! ;) Latest News & Trends in #digitalmarketing 2015 |


Deutsche Firma, echte Produkte, einzigartiger Marketingplan. Kostenlos, ohne…

We are honored to be featured on the Female Entrepreneur Association sharing some tips to create a winning marketing plan. With only a few more months this year, creating a marketing plan is key. Let us know which tip your going to take action on.


Tägliche und wöchentliche Content-Nutzung von Tablet-PC Nutzern in den USA

Marketing Plans: 5 Tools to Keep Your Company On Course #Infographic #Marketing #Tools

Marketing Plans: 5 Tools to Keep Your Company On Course [Infographic]

Marketing Plans: 5 Tools to Keep Your Company On Course #Infographic #Marketing #Tools