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Reasons I love Magic Erasers - Mr Clean Cleaning Tips

Make your own Magic Eraser for 10 cents

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are great at scrubbing away the toughest grime and stains, but they can get costly if you use them too often. Use this trick to make your own Magic Erasers for a fraction of the price.


Unbelievable Uses for The Magic Eraser You Don't Know About

One day I was trying to figure out a way to cut down on the amount of time it was taking my staff to clean a house when I stumbled upon the Magic Erasers. One clean and I was hooked. No more scrubbing and sweating and swearing - just a little rub, rub, rub and poof, it's clean. You’ll be amazed all the uses for the Magic Eraser!


25 Uses for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

25 Uses for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers - I didn't know magic erasers could be used for so many things.


A small tool that can cut through grease, grime and goo! This must be magic, right? Nope, it's just a magic eraser and this powerful cleaning tool can be used all over the home!

How to Clean Oven Glass

Cleaning oven glass doesn't have to take all day! This NO CHEMICAL tip is so simple, I wish I would have thought of it!


16 Things You Didn't Know a Magic Eraser Could Do

It's one of the most versatile cleaning tools available! Learn all the ways this product can change the way you clean with these 16 magic eraser uses.

9 Clever Magic Eraser Uses

9 clever uses for a magic eraser! (including the inside of plastic coolers!)


Comet Ajax Magic Eraser = perfectly clean tubs


15 Amazing Uses for a Magic Eraser

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