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Marie Curie -- certainly not on this board for being "forgotten" but I didn't know she was rejected from a university!


Cherie + Marie Currie with Jackie Fox (The Runaways)

Cherie & Marie Currie - "Since You've Been Gone" - 1979 single - 1980 album - Written by former Argent guitarist, Russ Ballard, first released as "Since You Been Gone" in 1975 as a single and then on his 1976 album "Winning".


Brad Elterman is a very cool photographer

Brad Elterman is a very cool photographer

Marie Curie and her daughters Irène and Eve sitting on a bench in the garden, 1905


Marie Curie, the only woman to hold two Nobel Prizes (1903 Nobel Prize in Physics and the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry). Marie Curie was honored for her work in both Physics & Chemistry and her pioneering research in radioactivity changed history.


I was invited on several occasions to Cherie Currie’s family home in the San Fernando Valley. It was there that I met twin Marie. I had never seen her before and I thought that I was seeing double. This was big news and I took these photos which ended up all over the Japanese press. Photo & Words by Brad Elterman