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Margarete Maultasch

Bride shell of Margarete Maultasch | | around 1340, 17 Century (lip border with scripture)


Title Brautschale der Margarete Maultasch Properties Size: H. 10,5 cm, D. 10,3 cm Time Creation Date: um 1340, 17. Jahrhundert (Lippenrand mit Schrift)

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The ladies dance a roundelay,a medieval dance, typical of life at court,in one of the murals of the knights' hall in Runkelstein castle,South Tyrol, Italy.Right,in dark dress,Margarete Maultasch ("satchel-mouth"), countess and ruler of Tyrol (1318-1369). Runkelstein castle, Bolzano(Bozen), Italy

Margarete Maultasch ("Satchel-mouth"),Countess of Tyrol (1318-1369),in a mural in a window embrasure of the "bath-chamber" in Runkelstein castle,South-Tyrol,Italy. The countess,ruler of Tyrol,is shown three times in the Runkelstein murals in scenes of courtlife and hunting. Runkelstein castle, Bolzano(Bozen), Italy

Riders and Margarete Maultasch ("satchel-mouth"), countess of Tyrol (1318-1369), follow a boy blowing the hunting horn. Next to tournaments, hunting was the favourite sport of knights and ladies alike.

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Margarete Maultasch ("satchel-mouth"), countess and ruler of Tyrol (1318-1369) shown during the ballgame in the garden. Mural in the knights' hall of Runkel- stein castle.

A fashionable lady looks down from a balcony hung with rugs showing the Tyrolean eagle. Murals in the so-called "bath-chamber" in Runkelstein castle show scenes of medieval courtlife and courtly love.