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Margarete Boden

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Gudrun Himmler | Gudrun Himmler (now Gudrun Burwitz) (right) with her mother at the Nuremberg Trials, 1945. | "She has remained active in the Nazi community (Neo-Nazism), and has since 1951 been a member of Stille Hilfe, an organization providing support to arrested, condemned or fugitive former SS-members. In 1952 she helped to found Wiking-Jugend which was organized after the Hitler Youth model. She is active in Nazi circles after the war; often referred to as 'The Nazi Princess.'"

Boden und Treppe in 'Architect's Delight', Handlauf in 'Margarete'

Marga Siegroth în 1918. Sursă Wikipedia.

Margarete Himmler (née Boden) also known as Marga Himmler (9 September 1893 – 25 August 1967) was the wife of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.

Margarete Himmler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Gudrun Burwitz (née Himmler, born 8 August 1929) is the daughter of Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer-SS and Chief of the German Police (and from August 1943 onward, the Minister of the Interior), and Margarete Siegroth, née Boden. Gudrun was the first child of Himmler's marriage; her parents later adopted a son. In 1940, Heinrich Himmler started an affair with the secretary Hedwig Potthast with whom he had two children.


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Thea mit Boden aus Wollfilz- genäht von Margarete im Dezember 2015

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Boden und Wände in 'Architect's Delight', Handlauf in 'Margarete'

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