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Top 30 Inspiring Disney Quotes

Great quote from Alice in Wonderland - something to maybe add to my ideas pile


Hey I'm Lina. I'm 16 and the daughter of Amy and Jackson. I know how to shoot and hunt like my mom, I doubt I'll ever be as good as her though. I'm shy at first, but I'll open up once I get to know you. I'm intelligent, manipulative, bold, and fairly secretive as well as stubborn. I love reading, writing, and music. Introduce?

Alright, here's the story. My name's Leon. 20. Death is my constant companion…

Beautiful, wise, and forever young at heart... "By quietly looking at images of older women, we can learn to see the beauty in character, humor, wisdom, endurance and other inner qualities which shine through the inevitably maturing skin. Then perhaps we can start to love the lines and pouches as being a natural part of us and be proud of the life that has left these etchings on us." Image By


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Narcissists are opportunists that put on a fake mask/persona. If you are "real" and authentic, your chances of being the narcissists target are very high.


INFJ - wanna make me not like you real fast? Tell me no one else think like you…

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Manipulators and narcissist check list

Manipulation...This says it all... For more narc recovery please like us and follow