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Ich sehe aus wie ein Schaf, bin aber ein Schwein !!!


Unser Neuzugang auf der Biotopica Farm. Seltene Mangalitza Schweine oder auch ungarische Wollschweine genannt. Meine absoluten Lieblingstiere!


The Mangalitsa ~ Commonly referred to as “sheep-pigs” these strange breed is on the brink of extinction. Mangalitsa pigs originated from Austria and Hungary, and they come in three color varieties: blond, brunette and redhead. Apart from their bizarre appearance, these pigs have another trait that made them even more popular: their meat, apparently, tastes delicious and is considered a delicacy. Now I've seen everything!


Lincolnshire / Mangalitza curly coat Pigs- fleece akin to a sheep.


Woolly sheep pigs arrive at Essex zoo

Woolly pigs-They are officially known as Mangalitzas and are native to Austria and Hungary, but do have a genetic link to the Lincolnshire curly coat, which roamed British fields until they went extinct in 1972 Read more:

Mangalitza Pigs AHHH!


Mangalitsa (US spelling), Mangalitza (UK spelling) or Mangalica (original Hungarian spelling) is a name for three breeds of pig grown especially in Hungary and the Balkans known also as a curly-hair hog.