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Skelton Hand mit rose floral Detail Hand Stickerei Kunst. Neun Zoll Hand gebeizt Hoop. Makabre Knochen & Blumenkunst. Wohnkultur

Skelton Hand mit rose floral Detail Hand von MoonriseWhims auf Etsy

Assemblog of Michael deMeng: Why Can't We Be Phrens?

I dag er det 270 år siden, at Goya blev født. Hans makabre kunst har mange tråde frem til det, der siden blev til horror.

Jonathan Payne: Sculptor and Concept Artist | Fleshlettes!

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A shrine by Michael deMeng. Love the whole concept of assemblage and how the simplest throw-away object can be turned into something interesting.

My Twisted, Colourful Fantasy

Step into the surreal, fluorescent wonderland of illustrator Charlie Immer. His world is one of freaky skeletons, monsters and other fantastical creatures which have sprung from the dark corners of the mind and been coated in bright colours. Inspired by everything from cartoons to video games, you can abandon reality for a while and enjoy....

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Kiriban 40k watchers: Precious Wednesday by on @DeviantArt

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DeviantART Interview of the Week: The Macabre Art of Natalie Shau

Red | Rosso | Rouge | Rojo | Rød | 赤 | Vermelho | Color | Colour | Texture | Form | DeviantART Interview of the Week: The Macabre Art of Natalie Shau photo 2

WoolyWorlds: Nürnberger Hasentradition

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Der Fährmann. Sieht ohne Kaputze übrigens keineswegs alt aus - allerdings tut das keiner der Seelenwächter. Dass er nicht alt IST kann man dagegen eher weniger sagen. Offiziell Samuel, Inoffiziell Samael, Todesengel und Gründer der Seelenwächter.

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With or Without a Shadow

I am your shadow. But you cannot see me for who am, for I am merely a shadow. - Avala Maze

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