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Cream Deodorant Recipe with Lavender and Bentonite Clay

This natural lavender cream deodorant recipe is free of irritating baking soda and contains only natural ingredients like arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide and bacteria fighting neem oil. In addition, it can be used for other skin care issues. In addition to using this lavender cream deodorant under your arms to fight odor, also try it on your feet to keep them from sweating and stinking in hot shoes, on your face solo or underneath makeup to keep your face shine free and fight acne, or…


10 Benefits Of Using Milk Of Magnesia For Oily Skin

Milk of magnesia is also known as magnesium hydroxide. It is great for skin care if you have oily skin. Milk of magnesia can combat oily skin and impart smoothness to your skin.

ColonVita Advanced uses natural and safe ingredients like vitamin C, #magnesium hydroxide, Aloe Vera, Acai, and peppermint leaf to help #cleanse and #detox the #colon of toxic material and improve bowel regularity.


Natures Secret Super Cleanse - 200 Tablets - Natures Secret Super Cleanse Description: The Original and Natural Whole-Herb Total Body Cleanse No Synthetic Magnesium Hydroxide Nourish Stimulate and Cleanse the Colon Extra Strength But Gentle on Your System 13 Cleansing Herbs and Probiotic Support Super Cleanse Our bodies are not equipped to handle the amount of toxins we come into contact with every day. Taking a proactive approach toward moving these chemicals through your body…

We are so excited about our Gentle Deodorant Powder! This deodorant effectively absorbs wetness and controls body odor. It contains low levels of baking soda and is especially well-suited for sensitive skin. Here’s how it works: * Arrowroot powder absorbs wetness. * Baking soda neutralizes odors. * Magnesium hydroxide helps control odors. * Essential oils smell wonderful and are unfriendly to bacteria. To use, simply apply to the underarms with enclosed powder puff.

Advanced Naturals ColonMax (100 caps). ColonMax is a natural laxative components made with herbs and magnesium hydroxide to assist relieve occasional constipation. Read the rest of this entry »