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"It was either the worst or best decision I've ever made..." -Alex on kissing Roxy(What makes this better is it's Stydia...who I quite frankly ship!)

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Stiles Stilinski & Lydia Martin | Teen Wolf

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Stiles is like her best friend, in fact. He's the person she contact first when something goes wrong and the one she wants to save first in this case. Maybe she loves him without admitting but it's sure he's the person she is closest in the show.

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Was I the only one who noticed that Lydia and stiles were clinging to each other for dear life the whole episode?

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Teen Wolf - Season 6 - Stydia

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Teen wolf! The little mermaid- Stydia+ stalia

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Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, Allison Argent, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey & Scott McCall

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though Lydia and styles would have made a great couple I kind off like their relationship the way it is right now

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