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Queen Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple El Deir ElBahary, #Luxor West Egypt More

Temple of Ramses III, Luxor, Egypt.I have always wanted to visit Egypt and still hope to do so one day.

Avenue of Sphinxes, from North Luxor - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

Betonung der Mittelachse sowie Anordnung aus Kolonnaden, Gängen, Grabkammern und Andachtsräumen.

Hatshepsut kemet the young queen and a pharaoh at same time, she was the one who took thorn after her brother died in combat against the Asians, she came in and continued the fight during her time this was build in honor so the world don't forget the great god that is a woman, Hatshepsut

Abu Simbel, Egypt أبوسمبل مصر

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Valley Of The Kings (وادي الملوك)

Hatschepsut Tempel Ägypten

monumentale Grabtempel Karnak Tempel, Ägypten