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Medientage: Netflix ist nichts anderes als ein Video-Club - - Am Freitag wurde auf den Münchner Medientagen einen äußerst interessante Diskussion rund um die Zukunft von Pay TV Sendern &Streaming-Konkurrenten geführt. In erster Linie ging es um die Frage, ob Streaming-Dienste wie Netflix & Co eine echte Konkurrenz für bestehende Pay TV-Angebote dars...

Prince of Persia: Der Sand der Zeit  Amazon Instant Video ~ Jake Gyllenhaal,

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'Big brother' dispute: Twin boys' ages unclear due to daylight saving time

Talk to any twins you know, and you will likely find the one who popped out first thinks he or she is entitled to the bragging rights of being the eldest.

FUNNY/HUMOR VIDEO/WEBSITE. TRIFFT DEN ZEITGEIST. ZEIGT TRENDS, THEMEN, FORMATE AUF. Verticals like: Fail&Pranks, Games, Cute, Music - web/stats driven.

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15 Books to Read If You Love '11/22/63'

The Man in the High Castle by PKD


3D printing is aiding Dr. James Goodrich perform a separating surgery on these twin boys. In 2015, Anias and Jadon McDonald were born conjoined at the head and brain. Today they are being separated.


Every parent knows that children need sufficient sleep to stay healthy and do well in school. But exactly how many hours of sleep do children of different ages need per day?

#Insólito: Les cobraron un plus en un hospital por tener en brazos a su hijo recién nacido - Misiones OnLine: Misiones OnLine Insólito: Les…