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Lupinen Flocken sind geflockte Lupinenkerne aus der Süßlupine "Lupinus Albus" und werden unter der Beachtung der höchsten Qualitätsmerkmale angebaut und kontrolliert. Lupinen sind neben Soja eine der bedeutendsten pflanzlichen Eiweißlieferanten.

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Warmer Lava Cake mit Lupinen-Eis

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Gift Wrap Tutorial for Type Lovers

Love this idea - I could even use fabric scraps for the letters!


Wind Wolves: David Zeroes In by Wayne Wong on Capture Kern County // You can feel the concentration as David Clendenen gets his lupine shot. If I got down like that, I might need a lift up!

Lupine Bunches by James Burrow on Capture Kern County // Driving along one of the dirt roads we came across these Lupine plants which appeared to be rather old. I guess the same plant grows year after year and can become quite large.

Wind Wolves: Lupine Groupin" by Wayne Wong on Capture Kern County // I finally got a good grouping of lupine that showed off their stature.


Wind Wolves: Butterfly on Lupine by Wayne Wong on Capture Kern County // We stopped at a roadside access to a patch of lupine ensconced on a hillside. Every once in a while, light colored butterflies would flit across the patch at lightning speed. I only got one chance at one as it landed on a lupine at some distance. This crop captures the butterfly, and while the detail is diminished by the extreme cropping, it was better than getting nothing at all.

Spring by James Burrow on Capture Kern County // Lupines blooming at Wind Wolves Preserve.