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Idea 1: try teaching your toddler about let and right brain. help them draw out a picture, and talk about their emotions and how they are doing during the activity. By drawing the brain and drawing pictures of what activities belong where: Left brain- rules and Logic, Right brain- Emotion and freedom. This activity will engage both sides of their brain and help them understand their brains better.


Cheerful Speech Chatter: The Brain of a Speech Language Pathologist


Art as Research: Artists will use any form, any discipline, and take ideas from anyone to further their goal of answering the questions they have posed for themselves or calling attention to concerns they feel should be addressed by the society. In this sense, much of the work is inevitably interdisciplinary - a perfect 21st century model for addressing complex problems.


John Medina's Brain Rule #2 says, "THE HUMAN BRAIN EVOLVED." As the brain evolves, we must educate it according to its most current needs.


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To be left-brained (masculine) one tends to be logical, driven, analytical and fast paced. The left side of the brain is associated with aggression, physical strength, control and ego. It’s known that those who are right-brained (feminine) are artsy, sensitive, nurturing and easy-going, as the right brain is associated with creativity, inner-strength and intuition. Empaths and sensitives tend to be very right-brained.


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