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Lucet Flat braid Nordiske betegnelser: Tvinningsben = String twisting. Snoddgaffel: snodd= cord, gaffel = fork hence cord fork Knytgaffel: knyt= from "knyta" and "knut"= tie, hence tie fork Slynggaffel: slyng= from "slinga"= coil, hence: coil fork This appears to be the oldest of these terms.


Beautiful handcrafted Lucet. A lucet is used for making a looped cord. Used for decorative edging, ties and drawstrings. gorgeous, but I just can't justify the price


Dünteln; seems to be a two-color finger-crochet technique. Instructions are in a germanic/scandinavian language, but the two-color sketches are clear enough you don't need the text.