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Louis Charles De Bourbon

Elisabeth Charlotte, Prinzessin von der Pfalz, genannt Liselotte von der Pfalz (* 27. Mai 1652 in Heidelberg; † 8. Dezember 1722 in Saint-Cloud bei Paris), war Herzogin von Orléans und Schwägerin von König Ludwig XIV. von Frankreich. Ihre Eltern waren Kurfürst Karl I. Ludwig von der Pfalz (der Sohn des „Winterkönigs“) und Prinzessin Charlotte von Hessen-Kassel. Aus der Wittelsbacher Linie Pfalz-Simmern.


On 27 March 1785, Marie Antoinette gave birth to Louis XVII (1785-95). Known as Louis-Charles, duc de Normandie (1785-89); then Louis-Charles, Dauphin de France after the death of his brother (1789-91); then Louis-Charles, Prince Royal of France (1791-92); then Louis-Charles Capet during The Terror until his death (1792-95).


1603 Maria de Medici with her eldest son, Louis XIII by Charles Martin (Musée des Beaux-arts, Blois France)


Portrait of King Louis XIV, by Charles Le Brun, c. 1655.


Louis Prince of Condé (1530-1569) Son of Charles de Bourbon, Duke of Vendome and Francoise d'Alencon. Husband to Elanor de Roucy de Roye and Francoise d'Orleans, Mademoiselle de Longuville

From the history of pants 16-17 century. Pants like skirt .. - Interesting and forgotten - life and curiosities of past eras.

The fifteen year old Marie-Adélaïde was married to the Duc de Chartres on the 5th April 1769 at Versailles.The wedding was expensive and lavish with vast amounts of titled guests and a wedding banquet hosted by Louis XV himself.The couple went on to have six children, of whom four survived into adulthood: Louis-Philippe (who would become King Louis-Philippe of the French), Louis-Antoine duc de Montpensier, Louise-Adélaïde and Louis-Charles comte de Beaujolais.


Louis-Philippe I (1838). There was another French Revolution in France that causes Napoleon to fall and the Bourbon monarchy was restored. Philippe was a very conservative man and unwilling to make reforms in the system.

Louis of France, Dauphin, son of Louis XV, by Maurice Quentin de La Tour.