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Logan Lerman Filme

Logan Lerman Mehr

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Logan Lerman and his gorgeous blue eyes.

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Actor Logan Lerman. Some films he has done are The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Noah, Stuck in Love, and Fury.

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I REALLY REALLY wish that this was how the movie will be. Selena Gomez should NOT have been cast as Hannah. Emma Watson would be amazing... without the accent. Hopefully they do end up casting Logan Lerman! Either way, this poster is really cool :)

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Dasch is doch die szene right? @soph

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I've come up with this really awesome theory about how THG ties in with PJO. My theory especially makes sense because THG was partially based off of Greek mythology, and PJO was based fully off of Greek mythology. I think that true fans of THG can tell by this picture who I'm thinking Percy's dad really is. (=

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tumblr_mj5stoemkt1rkg6xfo1_r3_400.gif (340×400)

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logan lerman - stuck in love

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Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. I don't like the movie, but he is pretty attractive...

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