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right in the feels. *sniff* :'( {Sherlock}

GAHHHHHH! Ohmygoodness one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite characters ever from one of my favorite books. Made me way too happy to see this on Pinterest. I didn't think anyone read A Tale of Two Cities anymore...


70s hair combs I use to love these combs to push the side of my long luxurious curl off to the side!


Previous pinners: She's done absolutely nothing wrong<------ except kidnap a baby, raise it as her own, lock her up, manipulate her, chain her up, chain her true love up, stab him, oh yeah and KICK PASCAL ACROSS THE FREAKING ROOM!!!!!!

jessica-bones-winchester: My thoughts on the Supernatural season 9 finale… spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it. First of all, I am beyond ticked off that they didn’t kill Metatron. If he comes back I am going to be so mad. Now, about Dean. I knew from the beginning of the season, when Sam said he would not have done what Dean did, that something like this would happen. I knew that Dean would be dead, or almost dead, and Sam would have to eat his words and we’d see Sam hurting and trying…

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. William Shakespeare


The caption on this was: "Fucking hipsters taking our fucking shows background putting fucking text over it and adding a filter. Reblogging it because it has some fucking text over it. You know what memories won't let me go? Not my exboyfriend. No, John's fucking monologue. That shit wont let me go" Do you know what I say to this? A-FUCKING-MEN! Damn hipsters!


Poison Study by Maria V Snyder: Locked in darkness that surrounded me like a coffin, I had nothing to distract me from my memories. Vivid recollections waited to ambush me whenever my mind wandered. Encompassed by the blackness, I remembered white-hot flames stabbing at my face. Though my hands had been...

Mycroft - Alone with the Memory.This is high on the list of things that aren't okay.