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Film-Stars haben so ihre eigenen Tricks gegen das Altern.Hier die Übersicht von Patrick Steward (Picard aus der Enterprise) über Will Smith bis zu einigen, die man gar nicht mehr wiedererkennt… tanrua: Makes sense.


Does Acupuncture Have A Place In Addiction Treatment Programs?

More than 2,000 drug and alcohol treatment programs in the U.S. and 40 other countries have added ear acupuncture to their protocol.


Lohan wants out: Lindsay Lohan wants to leave Betty Ford because of drug ban - - Coach Handbags from The Daily E'zette

Hollywood News: Lindsay Lohan Denies Excessive Alcohol and Drug Use ~ The Hollywood Celebrities

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If you studied 100 famous millionaires most of them would have this in common.

cocaine, drugs, and lindsay lohan image


Lindsay Lohan has this to say about Jennifer Lawrence

Lindsay Lohan hits back at Jennifer Lawrence following talk show ...