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Lina Heydrich

Reinhardt & Lina Heydrich. About as loathsome a couple as anyone could meet. A fervent Nazi, she convinced him to try a job with the SS, where he rose to become architect of the Final Solution before Czech Resistance fighters killed him in Prague, 1942. He was never faithful to her, spending hours in brothels until he finally est'd one that'd enable him to spy and hold blackmail material on high-ranking Nazis and political leaders.

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Heydrich at a concert in Prague - 1942

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Lina Heydrich's interview (1979). In German + translation into Czech

Heydrich and his wife Lina attending a concert in Waldstein Palace in Prague, 26 May 1942, the day before the assassination attempt that led to his death on 4 June 1942

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Old photograph of Reinhard Heydrich. (via helvihellstrom)

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Inside the theatre of the SS and police Lemberg, Februar 1942

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Heydrich and Klaus, his son. (via koronvan)

wotansvolk88: sturmfurie:No man can say he was a friend of Heydrich. Reinhard did not wish any friends. […] About this issue we spoke often and long. Also I mentioned my own loneliness. Once he took my head in his hands, looked at me and said: “Do we need any friends at all? You are my best friend. We do not need to share it with anyone. Let’s continue as before!” Since then, I have felt much freer. Loneliness got a special meaning and content.– Lina Heydrich ”Mein Leben mit Reinhard”(Thanks…

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