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Lina Heydrich

Reinhardt & Lina Heydrich. About as loathsome a couple as anyone could meet. A fervent Nazi, she convinced him to try a job with the SS, where he rose to become architect of the Final Solution before Czech Resistance fighters killed him in Prague, 1942. He was never faithful to her, spending hours in brothels until he finally est'd one that'd enable him to spy and hold blackmail material on high-ranking Nazis and political leaders.


Inside the theatre of the SS and police Lemberg, Februar 1942


Reinhard Heydrich with his wife Lina and their sons Klaus (right) and Heider on the Baltic Sea.


Oberstleutnant Eberth, Kapitän z.S. Wilhelm Canaris, SS-Gruppenführer und Chef der SD Reinhard Heydrich, der Chef des Heeresverwalungsamtes Generalmajor Karmann, SS-Gruppenführer [Friedrich-Karl Freiherr] von Eberstein, der Kommandeur der Kriegsakademie Generalleutnant Curt Liebmann und Fliegerkommodore [Ralf] Wenninger. 1935


Lina Heydrich. Photo from


Reinhard Heydrich shares a tender moment with his daughter Silke