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Helen Gwanfobe (left) is seeking to expand her work serving children by opening centers or orphanages. She has used the GLN to connect with Andeisha Farid of Afghanistan (center) and Rosana Shaack of Liberia (right). They all are sharing common challenges and strategies serving young women and girls.

"Kpelle women fishing with hand nets, Liberia. Kpelle is one of the largest indigenous group in Liberia, and mostly located in central and western Liberia. Rice is the main staple food. Contrary to popular belief, descendants of African Americans are only 2.5 % of the population. Kpelle speak the Kpelle language."

Whoppi Goldberg traces her maternal ancestry to the Mende people living in Sierra Leone and the Kru people living in Liberia. (birth name) Caryn Elaine Johnson


Africa | Mask from the Dan people of Ivory Coast or Liberia | Wood, fiber, metal | ca. prior to 1976