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Deplorable Lynda on

No riding with me.

Fucking ARROGANT FUCKING LIBERALS, hope this happens to the ARROGANT bitch nancy pelosi's family, !!!!!!!! she thinks it's ok for the rest of us well I dam well hope it happens to her family any stupid fucking liberal that is in favor of these perverted fucks, I hope it happens to their families also !!!!! FUCK YOU STUPID FUCKING LIBERAL FUCKS

Slanted liberal media are the real racists in this country. They claim they love women, but only women that agree with their views. They silence all of the others.

Here you go Liberals, ... have at it ! The FBI, Homeland Security and Joint Chiefs of Staff-Pentagon all say that of the "Syrian" refugees allowed into our country, that ISIS WILL-BE-IN-THAT-POPULATION of refugees, estimated at 10% of that population ... it's not worth the risk !!!