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aurieackerman: “ Artist: Lena_レナ | Source: ♡ | Twitter: inunekosukii | Pixiv: id=4269065 Posted with permission. ※ Do not repost, edit, or delete the credits. Please visit the original source and support the artist there! ”

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Young Rivaille (Levi) Underground Days

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Chibi dead AoT characters cake toppers - Google Search

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Levi(Rivaille) & Big!Bird || OMG I'm in Love with this Artist. She's a genius!! XDDD Gotta love that abs!! OMFG *drools*

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Levi Ackerman // AoT

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Attack on titan: Levi Rivaille | is that Hanji and Jean below him tho?? Why Jean?? Maybe e <<< no it's Isabel and Farlan from no regret (Levi's past)

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Lena_レナ🐾 on

"Haa~..your just being a pain in my ass~Tsk~.."He snarled and pulled the cig out of his mouth with two fingers then tapped it"This job wasn't supposed to be assigned to me~.."

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He's 5'3 not 5'2<<<I'm his height, I'm short, but I'm still taller than my older sister

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I. Fucking. Love. This. *-* Levi dressed up as Bucky

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