Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Explained - I’m sure you have seen Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man before; it´s one of the images most reproduced in academic books, movies, art and parodies. But what is it that makes it so special?

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Leonardo da Vinci, Skull, c. 1489

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Da Vinci Studies of Embryos Luc Viatour - Leonardo da Vinci – Wikipedia

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Original | ... Vinci - Leonardo da Vinci original picture of the last supper Painting

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Designs | Leonardo da Vinci - Hummingbird Drawing | Tattoo contest

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Crouching Figure of Atlas Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi (Italian, Ancaiano 1481–1536 Rome)

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Leonardo Da Vinci - Renaissance - Head Of The Savior (detail)

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Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Italian painter, sculptor, architect. High Renaissance. "La Scapigliata" (The Head of a Woman) (around 1500). Galleria Nazionale of Parma, Italy.

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Ewig als Seite eines Buches nicht erkannt. Dabei flüstert sie beinahe leise seinen Namen.

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This is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo is one of most men who were born on our planet. Well, this is one of my favorite drawings. Delicate, perfect and beautiful .. Profoundly beautiful. My gift to all who are here in this group. I take this opportunity to thank the invitation. Hope you like it.

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