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Leinwand Für Beamer

Mimose wall decoration, latex painting on canvas by Berlin based Atelier Wand-lungen

von One Kings Lane

Franz Kline, New York, 1953

- Foyer Art by Franz Kline In this piece Franz Kline captured "a dance" of painting. By applying black on white and then white on black, with hardware paint enamels he created an abstract art, full of vivid colours. 2 years before Abstract pursue, he was drawn to figurative and furniture drawings. It all changed when he visited his friend who introduced projector, an innovation back then, and Kline's mind changed. He now was able to project his drawings, more often done on yellow pages from…


(Vintage Circus Elephant - Animals Canvas Wall Art | Oopsy daisy) Altough I like the style of the painting, it still pictures animal suppression. I think it's important to be aware of this. #tyke #circus without animals


Da wir in Zukunft mehr Seminare haben werden zwei Flipcharts und eine Leinwand für die Scheune gekauft. Beamer ist bereits im Haus....

Beamer Leinwand Heimkino 203x203cm HDTV/3D tauglich: Elektronik

Legamaster Leinwand mit 2 x 2 Meter Fläche ab 15,- € / Tag oder 30,- € / Wochenende. Dieses Produkt können Sie unter reservieren.