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Why You Need To Leave Your Hometown

Why You Need To Leave Your Hometown --- The town that once felt like the whole world seems a lot smaller, some people who were once close friends feel like distant strangers. Feeling that disconnect in what once was home is tough, but I know that is because I have established new connections in other places. / One of the things I’ve learned from the experience of leaving home is that I know very little about our world and still have so many questions I want answered.

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leaving hometown status - Google Search More

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The hardest part, leaving such an amazing city!! Leaving home (NEW YORK)

We will leave our old worlds behind and we will find new ones. We will find new lives and live our old ones. But this is what is supposed to happen. Because it is all part of growing up

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quote you must be able to lose sight of the shore - Google Search

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"There are two times when parenting is the most difficutl. When the baby first arrives at home, and when the adult first leaves home." Jennifer Quinn #Parenting #quote

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Mückenschutz selbstgemacht. Sooooo effektiv!

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» fall » autumn equinox » candied apples » carved pumpkins » harvesting » sweater weather » hayrides » mabon & samhain » halloween & thanksgiving » leaves changing & falling »

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7 Ways to Travel When You Can't Leave Home

Sometimes you just can’t travel for health, money, or family reasons. We share 7 ways you can travel when you can’t leave home.

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