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Kurdisch Übersetzer

According to Ata Omer Salih, an experienced Kurdish #translator and #interpreter, translation can be tricky, and there are many difficulties that can be encountered:

#occupy #p2 #tlot #union #Syriac #FSA #Kurd #Baloch 'Unit 732', the French anti-IS volunteers in Iraq The translator rushed towards the rudimentary trailer housing the French volunteers who came to Iraq to fight against the Islamic State jihadist group alongside Kurdish forces. "Come quick, the general wants to see you! And bring your helicopter," he told them, as an armoured convoy assembled and prepared...

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#Iranlandscape #birtday Mohammad Ghazi was a prolific translator &writer #Mahabad,Iranian #Kurdish #MustSeeIran

Dr. Choman Hardi: Choman Hardi, is a contemporary Kurdish poet, translator and painter. She was born in Sulaimaniya in Iraqi Kurdistan.


The Language Of Empires Faces Extinction

Esho Joseph stands in front of the Nemo Delale bridge in Zakho, Iraq. Joseph, a former translator, grew up speaking Aramaic.


Nali,was a Kurdish polymath; a poet, linguist, translator and mathematician, who is considered to be one of the greatest Kurdish poets in the Kurdish classical period. by Rebwar K Tahir.(Kurdistan).